DEALSBUDDY is the next generation of commission based online classifieds. We act as an online marketplace platform to allow our users who comply with these Terms to offer, sell, and buy products and services listed on the Website. Although you may be able to conduct payment and other transactions through the Website, using third-party vendors such as local banks and branch less banking networks.We guaranteed the seller that your payment is secured by our system as we collect payment from buyer before we hand over bought product,same way buyer is secured to check and confirm the product integrity as per described in seller's ad because we only release payment to seller after confirmation from buyer receipt.

How It Works

In this system we insure protection of both buyer and seller. We collect payment from buyer before delivery of seller product,at same time we only release seller payment once buyer confirm delivery and quality of product purchased.

What Happens When Buyer Refuse To Receive Product Without Any Reasonable Grounds?

In this case delivery charges and commission will be deducted from his payment and remaining amount will be reversed to buyer.

Is There Any Charges For Seller For His Payment ?

Yes. If seller want to get payment in his bank ,or easypaisa type services all schedule charges apply.

Who Will Pay Shipment Fee In Case Of Buyer Refuse To Buy?

Our resolution specialist will decide if really product doesn't match and buyer is on right to refuse then company will bear shipment fee.

What Happens If Buyer Doesn't Satisfied With Product Quality?

If buyer feel that product doesn't match with ad description,he can refuse to buy.

Who Will Pay Deal commission?

Both buyer and seller have to pay equal commission .

What Happens When I Did Not Receive My Order

In case after we receive payment from buyer and seller does not deliver product with in a week,we will contact seller if he not agreed to sell we will refund full amount to buyer.

In how much time my refund will receive?

First we ll contact with seller if he did not agree to deliver product you ll get your amount in 3-5 working days.

How to raise dispute?

If your order didn't received in time.Raise dispute by clicking order tab in your dashboard and then click on preview icon on specific order and request dispute.

How I can order imported items?

For imported items we collect full amount prior to your order.If you did not receive your order in time frame given you can can raise dispute to get refund.

What is imported item?

The item that directly purchased against your order from abroad.Each item shows estimated time of delivery.

Does My Personal Details Shared With Anyone?

No Buyer and Seller details are anonymous.Details are secured in our system in encrypted shape.

My Personal Details will be shown with Ad?

No,we always maintain personal data security so your name and other details will not be shown with ad

If Buyer Pay The Order But Seller Does Not Deliver The Product?

We ll wait for 5 Working Days,and contact seller if we not get response seller ad will be deleted and payment ll be refunded?

I want To Upload Video Of My Product But It Take Too Much Time?

If you are unable to upload video or pictures through web page it is due your net speed is slow.Alternately you can also send us through attachment with email to us our email address is dealsbuddy.pk@gmail.com

What Will Happen If Buyer Did Not Receive His Item From Your Center?

We Shall contact buyer from all available sources,If we don't get any response with in 15 days,his order will be rejected and product will be available for next order.To avoid inconvenience to seller we ll wave off deal commission for seller.

How Much Service Fee ?

Currently we'r charging 1% of deal price.

If did not receive my ordered product with given time frame?

If you didn't receive your item in time you can raise dispute.Our dispute resolution department will handle your case.If accepted your paid amount will be refunded.